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Eight YA Book Quotes That Broke My Heart

I love books, and I love reading, and within my books there’s tons of quotes that I have fallen in love with. Here are eight YA quotes that I absolutely love.

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Not many people will be stumbling on this post, and less will actually read it. My real name is Yerasly, but I like to go by Kalel or Salel. I’m currently writing¬†Lucy and the Dying Boy, and you’ll later learn more about it as the project grows deeper. No promises have been made in how much I’ll post on here, maybe once a day, or once a month. This blog will consist of everything that I’m doing, call it a saved online memory forever– but isn’t that the rest of the internet? My life isn’t very interesting, but I do want to be an interesting person. My dreams are to get a published book, and maybe even be a NYT Bestseller! A girl can dream right? That is all I have for today, but thank you for reading this.

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